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You have so many things going on right now. You’re running a household, staying involved with the community, and leaning in at work. But is your workspace holding you back? The home office is somehow both lonely and distracting (laundry? barking dogs?) and those coffee shops just aren't cutting it anymore.

Atmosphere Collaborative Space is a comfortable workspace in downtown Racine, WI with a focus on workday wellness and a commitment to supporting each member as their authentic self. Atmosphere is an easy walk to the best amenities of this vibrant, lakeside town.


We’re a diverse group here at Atmosphere. Among our members you’ll find writers, civil engineers, filmmakers, lawyers, and more. Most of our members are entrepreneurs, but some work remotely for larger corporations. We get together frequently for an array of programing — accountability sessions, brainstorming lunches, wellness breaks, business speakers, and more. We’re all drawn to Atmosphere’s comfortable vibes and friendly, supportive community.


We're housed in a single story, brick building unlike anything else in Racine. Inside our c. 1920 building, you'll find exposed brick and beams, big windows, and gorgeous, clean design. We invite you to check it out for yourself.