In the traditional sense, “working remotely" means missing out on the human interaction and social aspects that being in an office provides. According to Vivek Murthy, the former Surgeon General of the United States, increasing numbers of remote and independent workers is one of the key reasons for the growing “loneliness epidemic”. Murthy also points out that loneliness is much more than just a social problem. It’s also a health problem “associated with a reduction in lifespan similar to that caused by smoking 15 cigarettes a day and even greater than that associated with obesity.”


Atmosphere is set apart from other coworking spaces both from its inception and the way it is managed. Atmosphere’s primary focus is on surrounding members with events and workshops that showcase the distinct skills and unique talents of fellow members. Atmosphere provides a venue for connection, collaboration, and opportunity, emphasizing an open door policy so that people have the space and support to be their authentic best selves.



By focusing on sustainable community building and surrounding members with unique events that showcase the distinct skills and talents of fellow members, the result is members who feel more committed to their work and are more likely to bring their best energy and ideas to their workspace each day. Members are free to be themselves because there is little direct competition or internal politics, they don’t feel they have to put on a work persona to fit in and, as a result, ideas are more freely shared. 


What Atmosphere allows for is true freedom and mobility. The culture is conducive to the truly organic collaboration and conversations that are struck up. These are the experiences that cannot happen in isolation.

  • 87% of respondents report that they meet other members for social reasons, with 54% saying they socialize with other members after work and/or on weekends*

  • 79% said coworking has expanded their social networks*

  • 83% report that they are less lonely since joining a coworking space*

  • 89% report that they are happier since joining a coworking space*

* According to the 2018 Global Coworking Survey



Atmosphere is a part of the Proximity Network so you can travel to other spaces up to three times a month, completely free! Check out what other spaces are available to our members.