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Man Power: A Dude's Guide to Dating

Men and Women struggle on a daily basis on how to date. Each has a different set of needs and wants, and learning to “date” can simplify your life and make it easier for you to get to someone who truly interests you. In this series of "A Dude’s Guide to Dating", we will explore the following:

• How to have a conversation with a woman. (Yes, common sense isn’t that common)
• How to have her want to date you again after the initial meeting. (if you wish!)
• Where to go and helpful hints on what time to meet and how long to keep the 1st date.

We will also have a “mock” date with Lori Mendelsohn, Milwaukee’s Matchmaker (who actually resides in Racine) so guys (and girls) can get an idea of how to “converse” and what to do/say and what not to do/say. Lori will suggest a myriad of dating questions so you don’t become the other persons therapist or bore the other to tears while on your date.

Lori will share some funny dating stories (as she is a single gal, and in the trenches right along with you!) and ask you to do the same. There will be mixing, mingling, schmoozing and time for a Q and A period afterwards.

So, bottoms up to learning HOW to DATE! Feel free to bring a guy friend or a gal friend-the more dating stories the merrier!